Initial Visit

The Mace Chiropractic Difference

A Unique And Comprehensive Approach To Healing

At Mace Chiropractic, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than traditional healthcare and chiropractic clinics. Your health means so much more to us than a one-and-done visit. This is why we take the time to get to know you and your health story before developing a plan to treat your specific needs. Our goal is to provide advanced care to address the root cause of your health challenges and prevent future challenges to come. Those seeking a quick fix or one-and-done adjustment may not be a good fit for our office, as we see amazing long-term results due to our unique approach.


What To Expect

Getting to Know You

Dr. Mace will sit down and go over your intake forms with you to best understand your health history, concerns and goals. This time is crucial to ensure you are a good candidate for Chiropractic Care.

Understanding Chiropractic

Dr. Mace will walk you through what Chiropractic Care is and how our office may be unique and different in our approach to healing.

Range Of Motion Scans

Care starts with finding and correcting fixations in your spine called subluxations. Your range of motion compared to normal can help us find these spinal dysfunctions and set a starting point in care to progress from.

Spinal Analysis

Every chiropractic technique has a sequence of analyzing the spine to find subluxations. Analyzing your spine using multiple techniques, including Pierce, Gonstead and Thompson technique, helps Dr. Mace create a plan to identify and correct your body's spinal dysfunctions.

Posture Screening

Your posture shows us how your body has adapted to subluxations and spinal dysfunction over time. Correcting your posture can allow your body the best opportunity to prevent future injuries and see long-term results.

Report of findings and plan of action

Dr. Mace will go over the findings of your exam, including your range of motion scans, spinal analysis and posture screening, and how they may relate to your health concerns, along with a plan of action and guidance to achieve your health goals.

Your First Adjustment

Your healing journey starts with your first adjustment! Dr. Mace will walk you through each step of your first adjustment, including how to get on the table, what the drop table sounds like, and what instruments she uses. Whether you've never been adjusted, or are a seasoned vet, we strive to make every step of the process as comfortable as possible.