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99 Out Of 100 Newborns Should Be Checked By A Pediatric Chiropractor, Study Says

A study titled “Incidence of Somatic Dysfunction in Healthy Newborns” looks at the incidence of spinal dysfunctions in seemingly healthy newborns. The study highlighted that 99% of seemingly healthy babies are born with at least one somatic dysfunction (subluxation) just 5 hours after birth. These subluxations affect the nervous system and development of your child. The number one correlating factor to the number of subluxation presentations in newborns was labor time; the longer the labor time, the higher the number of subluxation presentations in the newborn. Chiropractic care has shown to decrease labor times by up to 31%, highlighting the importance of perinatal chiropractic care for expecting moms.

 Many subluxations don’t create symptoms until later in life, but some symptoms of subluxations in babies can include colic, constipation, recurrent ear infections and challenges latching. Symptoms of subluxations in children may include trouble concentrating, trouble sleeping and pain. No matter the symptoms or lack of symptoms, chiropractic can ensure your child’s nervous system develops optimally. Dr. Mace is a proud member of the ICPA and committed to the well-being and optimal development of your child’s spine and nervous system.

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